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A Country Within A Country: Travel To Dubai

August 17th, 2015 by admin | Filed under Blog.

Travel to Dubai Dubai-City-TourDubai has become famous all over the world due to the iconic structures and the architecture of Dubai and if you want to look at the man-made marvels and man-made tourist attractions, there is no place in the world which is better than Dubai.

Dubai is fast becoming the business hub as well as a major tourist destination all over the world. The Dubai airport is already the biggest airport in the world in terms of the number of passengers which it handles on an annual basis.

When you travel to Dubai, whether you are travelling on business or whether you’re travelling for leisure, you would find that the city has each and every facility which you need the ranging from a wide variety of accommodation all the way to the ski slopes which are constructed within a desert by taking them indoors.

Dubai is one of the rare cities in the world which can boast of a seven star hotel. Dubai is also the home to the largest building in the world known as Burj Khalifa which is almost twice as high as the next tallest building in the world.

If you’re more into wildlife then you can opt for a desert safari as well and if you like marine life then you would simply love the Dubai aquarium which has over 120 species of marine animals. Dubai also boasts of a large network of man-made islands known as the Palm Islands and also you can have your meal high in the sky or even underwater as Dubai has both of these restaurant options.

If you are a shopaholic then Dubai is a paradise for you because Dubai is also home to the largest mall in the world known as to Dubai mall and the Dubai shopping Festival is famous all over the world as well. During the Dubai shopping Festival, shopaholic’s from all over the world descend on the city to take advantage of the great discounts which are available during the shopping Festival.

Even though Dubai might be a city but you can get everything within the city which you can dream of thus making it a self-sufficient country in itself whether you’re looking for natural tourist attractions like desert safari or whether you want to shop or whether you are looking for the man-made attractions like the tallest building in the world that is Burj Khalifa. So the next time you travel to Dubai, make sure you explore the different parts of the Dubai.

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